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Why are you waiting for your wake up call?

March 5, 2013 in Inspiration

What would it take for you to take care of yourself?  I really want to know.

In Japan, Karoshi is a term coined to reference instant death attributed to overwork.  It’s frequently associated with stroke or cardiac arrest, but not always.  Workers as young as their twenties have become just that – workers and not people – and their bodies give out.  These aren’t people laboring in factories day and night.  These are people who have desk jobs like so many of us do, and who push themselves because of externally influenced goals that are internalized to the point that they override a body screaming out in stress.

Stress that the person can no longer even hear.

Stress that has become a new normal state of being.

Stress that has a detrimental impact on health and spirit.

I generally don’t employ fear tactics.  I trust your timing to make decisions about your body and your life, because you know you better than I ever will.  But it baffles me that so many people appear to be waiting for their wake up call, kind of half-assed hiding out from knowing about it.

This is not a secret, and it’s not news.  The wake up call does come.  For some it’s a devastating illness that causes them to revisit their priorities, for others, symptoms like chronic headaches, low energy, or depression gnaw away until the Tylenol, coffee or anti-depressants seem more and more to be essential ingredients in daily life.

It’s not natural to feel exhausted, or unhappy, or in chronic pain, or to have constant sugar cravings.  Your natural state is shining and content.

I ask again:  What is the holdup, exactly?  When will be a better time?  What will be enough?  What are you waiting for?

Hitting reset or pause on the way you do life does not have to be dramatic if you don’t want it to be. A great way to start is to just slow down.  Easy, but scary, I know.  For a free and easy meditation to do just that, email me at, and be sure to put “MEDITATION” in the subject line.

Know someone who needs to hear this?  Pass it along.  I offer a ton of free information in my newsletter.

Ready to make some positive changes in your life?  Connect with me at for a free consultation.  Please put “I’M READY” in the subject line.

The best is yet to come.


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