for Urban Professionals & Other Skeptics in a Rush

Clients from Toronto to New York to London Love Curated Wellness.

“Rachel's unique experience as both a lawyer and a holistic nutritionist allow her to make topics such as yoga, nutrition and meditation, accessible to the busy and skeptical lawyer. Her sessions are informative, interactive and fun.”
Keya Dasgupta, Director of Learning and Development, Norton Rose Fulbright (Canada)
“Very informative. A good mix of common sense, practical advice, and underlying science. Good audience participation and candour. Rachel nailed it.”
Lawyer, Norton Rose Fulbright, Toronto
“I loved the presentation, thought it was excellent, really. Some of the most useful professionalism CLE hours I've ever got.”
Eric Lavers, Lawyer, Norton Rose Fulbright, Toronto
“Rachel's presentation was excellent. It was well organized, clear and concise. Despite being 1.5 hours, I didn't get the sense that the students were overwhelmed or exhausted by the topic. Actually, the opposite - I observed several students looking noticeably relaxed and calm! This was confirmed later in the day when several students told me how much they enjoyed the experience. The great lunch helped too! I hope we can convince her to come back next year.”
Alexis Archbold, Assistant Dean Students, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
“I had the opportunity to work with Rachel when she guided our firm through a day-long wellness program at our annual retreat. Her self assured style allowed Rachel to communicate her message with clarity and strength. She connected easily with our lawyers and staff and created a warm space in which we were able to fully relax and reflect. Even though Rachel covered a wide range of topics in just one day, the sessions didn't feel rushed or overwhelming; they felt enjoyable and inspiring. She has lived the stressful life of the depleted lawyer and knows how to connect to that experience, so her advice is practical. Our team is actually applying her suggestions to their daily lives and is grateful to the firm for providing them with the Curated Wellness experience.”
Bonnie Altro, Partner, Altro Levy LLP
“I had a great time [at the workshop] and know that our staff did, too. Rachel has a very powerful style, bringing experience with understanding to the group, not lecturing but empathizing with the constraints, yet encouraging us to take full ownership for our actions. Very well done!”
Kilian Berz, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group, Toronto
“During the day, I work at a tech company. At night, I am still working at a tech company. I don't have a lot of time to spare worrying about my health. I am too busy! And I am about as far from a yogi as you can get. But the time I spend working with Rachel 1:1 and in her workplace seminars has changed my life. The practices she teaches don't take up a lot of time, but have a big impact. I feel better. I have more energy. Going forward, Rachel will be a key part of AvidTap's employee retention program.”
Kaz Nejatian, CEO of AvidTap and former Wall Street lawyer, Toronto
“Rachel developed a Health and Wellness program for my team at Credit Suisse's New York office. The program she designed was engaging and informative, and created a positive buzz in the office about developing healthy habits. She actually made it fun! In my case the result was not only achieving my weight loss target but also increased energy and a general feeling of well being. I highly recommend her.”
Edward Gaudino, Lawyer, JP Morgan Chase, New York
“I had the pleasure of working with Rachel at Credit Suisse in New York. Rachel's Health and Wellness initiatives influenced and motivated our department tremendously. Rachel co-ordinated learning sessions on wellness at work topics, group juice cleanses, and even turned some serious skeptics on to yoga. All of Rachel's efforts had a big impact our on team and helped to create a more collaborative, positive and healthy group, which is a challenge in a large, high-stress corporate setting. I highly recommend her as a coach or corporate wellness professional.”
o-Una Spadafora, Associate Director at Shire Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia
“I work long and unpredictable hours, and often get headaches and neck pain while at work. Rachel’s advice has helped me to become more active in my life, stay focused at my desk, and balance my health and wellness with my work productivity and personal goals. I learned so much in just one session, and was motivated to make small changes to improve my health. So many professionals get burnt out or develop unhealthy habits at the office; I think everyone can benefit from some tips from Curated Wellness!”
- Candice Malcolm, Ontario Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation
“As a lawyer in New York City, I am often guilty of not taking very good care of myself. I have also been guilty of being skeptical about 'wellness'. Working with Rachel completely changed my outlook and my life. I used to have terrible stomach problems but she inspired me with healthier eating habits. Changing my diet changed my energy levels, and in turn helped change what I'm able to accomplish every day and how I feel about myself.”
- Paige Berges, Lawyer, New York
“Rachel took me to a new level in my exploration of yoga and made me more committed than ever. Her guidance and caring were invaluable.”
- Richard Owens, Lawyer, Toronto
“Rachel is a wonderful coach who is focused on making her clients feel inner peace and deep connection through yoga, nutrition, and their relationships. She has a great sense of humor and is wise beyond her years. An expert at gaining clarity and focusing in on what's really going on, Rachel has helped me numerous times in figuring out how to make positive changes in my life. I have left her yoga classes feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Her coaching sessions have a lasting impression and she always gives me tools to use at home and apply in a practical way. I couldn't recommend Rachel more highly!”
- Beca Schack, Musician, New York
“Rachel is a powerful healer, teacher and advocate for people to live healthy, whole, full lives.”
- Lara Rosenthal, Acupuncturist and CMD, New York
“I am a mom with 4 young kids. I have always been physically fit and motivated to exercise, however I am also someone who likes to stay in my comfort zone in all aspects of my life. Rachel came into my life as a substitute yoga instructor and in 4 short days has inspired me to think outside my 'bubble' for fitness. She left me wanting to aspire for more in mind, body and soul. Helping to gently nudge me out of my yoga comfort zone has made me act differently with my kids and friends, by realizing that there is a fire in your belly you need to light to feel alive, silly, energized and more. Thanks Rachel.”
- Kyla Bowman, Mother, Toronto