for Urban Professionals & Other Skeptics in a Rush

It’s hard to find content and delivery that are really geared towards urban professionals, and that is exactly why Curated Wellness came to be. Programs are relatable, holistic and practical.

All aspects of health are interrelated, from exercise, to nutrition, to healthy relationships. Your wellness program should be too. Many workplace wellness programs are fragmented and leave out essential information that diminishes the value of your investment, and wastes the goodwill of your team.

The Curated Wellness approach addresses all of the elements of a healthy lifestyle by distilling the most relevant information, delivering it in an interactive and engaging way, and providing immediately applicable practices that are designed for easy integration into a busy lifestyle. Workshops range from 90-minute lunch-and-learns to full day retreats, and include presentation, experiential, interactive, and reflective components.

Curated Wellness is what you’re looking for if:

Clients choose from elements that best serve them from a four-point approach that includes live workshops, 1:1 coaching, an online education portal, and consulting to customize an organic solution. We also partner with human resources experts in retention and change management, as well as exceptional providers of on-site yoga, meditation, massage and healthy catering services.

Accredited with LSUCSeveral programs are accredited for continuing legal education by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and are tailored for lawyers and law students.

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