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This part is personal.

A little more than a year into becoming a mom, I was struck by how little holistic wellness there is for us. There was a time when generations of women formed a tribe, and learning how to be a woman in different stages of life was part of our shared language. Today, many new mothers report isolation as an overwhelming experience in the early weeks and months. Most online resources are for our babies, and we survive on bootcamp, mommy blogs, and word of mouth. Even your OBGYN or midwife doesn’t have the whole arsenal of resources to care for your body, mind, and spirit. The wonderful practitioners who heal and guide new moms are scattered, and can take months or years to find. Sometimes, we don’t even know what questions to ask, because so much of the experience of becoming a mother is intimate, and unsaid.

Who am I now?
How can I possibly feel sexy when so much of my day is spent dealing with milk and poop?
Will I ever sleep again?
What’s up with my lady parts?
Breastfeeding is natural?!
What just happened to my marriage?

Even with nearly twenty years of wellness inquiry under my belt, I felt out of my depth navigating the physical, emotional and spiritual transition into motherhood. Things had changed. Motherhood is magnificent, but it is also hard. It is its own rebirth.

I doubled down and revisited all of my favorite teachers from the past two decades, and scoured my community for resources. I went to some weird appointments, open to being a student again. As my baby sister neared her due date, I felt compelled to compile all of these into one place for her. And then for several friends who were expecting, and now for you. Because the generations of women are powerful, but they are scattered. Find them here, curated for you from a wide range of practices to create the perfect offering for new mothers. Every mother should have a dream team to support her. And now you do.