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Cold and Flu 911

January 22, 2013 in Physical Health

So many people have asked me about this subject this season!  Home remedies to the rescue.
The good news is that getting sick a couple of times a year means that your immune system is working.  Hallelujah!  You just don’t want to be sick for more than a couple of days – it’s a drag.  You already know that if you’re reading this.  Here are a few practices that make a big difference:
1) Garlic and honey
Done right, this will not give you garlic breath – or make you smell like garlic at all!  Crush a few garlic cloves in a garlic press and leave it until it bubbles, which should be about a minute. This releases garlic’s own defense mechanism against attacks by pests, called allicin.  That’s the compound that is antibacterial and anti-fungal, and it only comes out if you mash that garlic up.  It’s a defense mechanism, after all.  Mix the pressed garlic with some raw honey (or whatever honey you have at home) to make a paste.  This is your magic remedy.  Take a baby-finger-nail size of it on the back of your tongue, washed down with a glass of water that isn’t cold (you should have stopped drinking cold water by now…).  Repeat every couple of hours.  Go ahead – do it at work, your co-workers will thank you for this tip, and for getting rid of your cold so they can stop being afraid of you.
2) Body scrubbing
Your cardiovascular system has a pump (your heart), to keep things moving.  Your lymph system doesn’t.  This is where body scrubbing comes in (exercise too, especially yoga).  Using either a dry brush before you get in the shower, or a wet one in the shower, go to town on your skin from head to toe, until you’re red and tingly.  Give extra attention to your lymph nodes, which are on the sides of your neck under each ear, in each armpit, and in that deep crease where your thigh meets your torso.  This helps your lymphatic system move and drains out toxins, kind of like a good sweat. It also gives you glowing skin and improves the appearance of cellulite!  Repeat daily to boost immunity.  I do it every morning, and it’s totally invigorating.
3) Hot ginger tea
Use the fresh stuff.  If you happen to have a high speed blender, like a Vitamix, throw about two inches of peeled ginger in with some hot water and honey, blend, and enjoy the most soothing spicy drink of all time.  If not, boil the same amount for at least 15 minutes to make a tea. You can add some honey if you like, or some fresh lemon juice.  Ginger has been used for so many things in Eastern medicine for thousands of years – from colds and flu, to menstrual cramps, to digestive issues and nausea.  These days people are even linking it to improved cardiovascular health!  It’s always in my kitchen.
There are so many immunity boosting tips, but these three are my favorites.  Obviously rest, vitamins (more on those later) and plenty of water go a long way.
Let me know how it goes!  Here’s to your good health.
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