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Who’s happy at work?

October 28, 2013 in Workplace Wellness

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Globe & Mail columist and r/ally founder Leah Eichler about happiness at work. Who feels “well” when they’re chronically unhappy? If wellbeing is a measure of feeling – physical and emotional – then it takes more than a hearty dose of kale to improve it in a palpable way.

A major focus of Curated Wellness (CW) workshops and private sessions is Primary Food – inedibles that are essential to a feeling of nourishment and wellbeing. These fall into four broad categories: exercise, relationships, sprituality, and career. While CW provides practical tools to make eating well fit seamlessly into a busy lifestyle, the program also hones in on these four elements to facilitate truly holistic wellbeing.

So how does Curated Wellness improve happiness in the workplace?

1) Through education. There is so much noise in the wellness space, it can be hard to know where to start. CW does the work for you, teaching tools to effectively create healthy habits – physical health and mental health. In doing so, we dispell a myth that is a common barrier to happiness. The myth is that feeling better and living well requires a total life overhaul. This is just not true. The key is creating healthy habits and shifting beliefs about wellbeing, not in ditching one life for another. The grass is always greener, and CW gives participants the tools to start where they are.

2) CW catalyzes a cultural shift towards better self-care, both in the workplace and when employees engage in the rest of their lives. Employers who hire CW want their employees to take better care of themselves, to be happier, and to stick around and do the best work they can do. They know that happy and healthy teams produce the best results, which include retention and innovation. They also want to prevent some of the serious adverse effects of a stressful job from impacting their employees. CW workshops frequently include senior leadership to encourage creating a shift in workplaces.

3) Creating space. CW workshops and coaching create a forum dedicated to wellbeing. Participants and coaching clients get time for reflection (when did you last have that?!), ask questions, and always, always find out that they are not alone in their concerns and experiences. Many of the questions I’m asked have been carried internally by the client for years – without space or time to emerge and be answered.

How happy are you at work?

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